Friday, March 12, 2010

The most unoriginal work of originality!

Mankind has been around for a really long time by now. We have been discovering new thing for as long as we have been around, but when will we reach the limit of discovery? This is particularly a problem when it comes to the different forms of entertainment. Is it possible that the day will come when it is impossible to create an original movie, or record an original album, or even make an original video game?

Lets think about music for a little bit here. Music was once just sounds that people made with random objects that were combined to make a performance. Over time instruments were build and played. One day someone created a written language in order to increase the complexity of the music and enabled pieces of music to stand the test of time and age. Fast-forward a few years into the modern age. We now have advanced recording equipment, a vast variety of musical instruments, and many genres of music to choose from. How long until humans hit ever sound possible that is pleasing to the ear? How long until sound synthesizers will be used to their limit and all combination of sounds have used at least once? I feel like we have to be getting pretty close after listening to some of the songs that the masses are declaring as good. A few years ago a new song was released and made the artist known as Soulja Boy a wild sensation. The songs that I have heard quoted most are “Crank That”, and “Yahhh!”. It is interesting how people like it when an unintelligent, malnourished guy who wears clothes that could fit someone who weighs 400 pounds, babbles into a microphone. In his defense, the dance he made up is kind of cool. I must bring up the band Nickleback as well. Here is a band that is popular because they are so unoriginal that people just naturally like them. There is not too much talent in Nickleback, but it doesn’t matter, it is easy to like them because they are so extraordinarily ordinary. I often find that people who are not huge fans of music tend to like these guys. So my point here is that you can’t help but wonder what is next what babbles and unoriginality are wildly popular. How long can artists keep coming up with new, creative ways to keep making sounds that people want to buy?

We can’t forget movies in this line of discussion either or “motion pictures” as they were originally called. I will also include books into this area due to them starting to overlap. People make movies about historic events, the future, parallels of the present and wild fictional stories. So many characters have been created through books and movies you have to wonder when no more new people can be created. We have our heroes, superheroes, their counterparts, depressed people, happy people, crazy people, and everyone in-between. The reason I feel that new ideas in film may one day end is from the high frequency of film remakes. Of course we have the new takes on the old ideas like the classic werewolves versus vampires portrayed in the Twilight series. Never before have we seen a Vampire that glitters in the sun. When it comes down to it, if you study film for a few years you can guess the plot of most films from the opening credits and the trailer. And I imagine one day we will run out of historic events that are interesting enough to put onto the big screen. If I am still around when that day comes I will make a two hour movie of a black screen, and the climax will be in the last 20 seconds when there is a massive bang and matter spawns. Or I guess I can make a movie where a guy is just sitting for a really, really long time, then one day he gets up and says to himself with a deep voice “wow I have been here forever, let me go ahead and make some light. Oh that was kind of cool, lets make some rocks that I can put stuff on so the light shines on them. The ending can be a woman handing a dude an apple.

I’m sure there are infinite amounts of other examples out there. The fact of the matter is I really don’t feel like researching the topic and hopefully I will never develop such a mundane life to want research such a thing

So I think the best question to ask here is; is there a limit to originality?

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

FYI - The picture above this article displays one of the first computer mouses ever made.(As far as I know)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Furture, and The Insain

I have lived out my life to this point going with the flow and making decisions accordingly. I never thought I would find myself in such an interesting and yet unnerving situation.

My entire future has been placed in the hands of a lowly old man who lives in a big blue house. He sits among piles of books in this empty house working his days away. This man spend his days dissecting brains, manipulating people, and finding solutions to problems.
The irony and humor come into play when describing how this one astoundingly unimportant, important man analyzes me. This is the only person in my life who literally thinks that I am an insane young man who has no regard for human life. The term Bad-Ass wanna-be, thrill seeker are not the right terms, but they are the first that come to his mind. I have gone through life caring little of what people think of me, yet what this man thinks of me causes my future to hang in the balance. Nothing matters in his life. But that is not true at all because there is one fact that matters. The only fact that matters is his self induced delusions that his conclusions are finite and true. He believes that people can never change. His work is his religion. How does one tell a man that he lives by a false religion?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Death and Rebirth of Ambition

I am sorry for not writing on here on a regular basis. I have not be able to write on acount of living at what I have called home for 14 years now. I have discovered that the very physical aspecs of a building and a person whom that I share said building with can destroy ambition and hope. For some reason when I set foot in my house I am not creative, and don't want to do anything with my life. Even now as I type this I feel the words I want to write down fleeing from the mound of flesh that is contained in my skull. These facts in fact have nothing to do with what I really wish to write about therefore proving said facts.

What I have started this pointless (and most likely unread) Blog is to restate exactly what my last blog post stated. So I am inheritable going to steel a sucsessful writers brilliant technique of telling you that continuing to read this particular blog post is a compete waist of your time and energy. In my next few posts my goal is to question every preconceived assumption and thought that I can think of questioning regardless of potential consequence and ridicule. Any Christian and religious person will think less for me for not being their idea of a Christian and all non-religious people will categorize me as just another fake self proclaimed christian guy. By definition I am a Christian, but I cannot stand this title. The most intolerable people I have ever spent time with call themselves Christians; They are the least accepting, close-minded, self absorbed people group I have come across. Some other groups of people that come to mind with similar traits are street gangs, the Taliban, and the Jersey Shore cast. I still love you though :)

I promise that all my posts will not be emo statements about people groups, I'll make fun of politicians too. So until next time; Youtube "count lemon demon" and click the first video.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Warning: May Cause Loss of Life.

Something I think everyone should know is that I love Video Games. I can master almost any game as long as you give me a couple hours (or less) alone with it. I have owned some form of video game system since i was 10. But something has changed.

I have recently given up owning an Xbox, and somehow developed vary real withdraw symptoms. (You know it's bad when you breakdown and cry as your packing it up) So I decided to take a look back at my past experiences with my addiction of video games.

(Withdraw Symptoms Include but are not limited to: cold sweat, anger, depression, insomnia, obsessive thoughts, a sense of confusion in regards to where all this free time came from, plans for my next fix, and friends.)

Someone once told me I care more about my Xbox than I did her. This may have been true at the time; but in my defense she should have provided better conversation than my pet rock. (I don’t really have a pet rock but if I did we would talk often) When she said this I started wondering why this is affecting me so much. So now I am taking a look back at my gaming lifestyle.

Every year I spend about $250 on games and related services. Some years i spend more than that all in the pursuit to complete a digital challenge. The Xbox 360 is my drug of choice and there are a few things about it that inexplicably pull me in.

The first thing that lures me in is the achievement system that Microsoft has devised to give people, with no lives the chance to brag about something. For every achievement you receive you gain points, which are added up to form your "gamer score". So right out of the box, there is the challenge to not only complete the game but now there is the challenge to do the tasks within a game to gain an achievement. One game that has recently come out that takes advantage of this system is Gears of War 2. One of the achievements is to get 100,000 kills. On an average playthrough of the entire game you get about 1000 kills, and takes about 12 hours. Since most people don’t play through games 100 times, they will be playing online for a really long time to gain that achievement.

The next hook is the "multiplayer experience". You can go online via Xbox Live (or Playstion network for PS3 owners) and test you skills against other people all over the world. If you are not familiar with online video game play, it is a place you can go not only to play a game against other people but also a place to be ridiculed, cursed at, put down, and harassed by I'll tempered children and adults who are not content with what real life holds. But for a gamer none of this matters. Of course it is also a good place to hang out with distant friends and chat about life while running around in a digital environment. As sad as it may sound, I have a couple prominent memories with friends that involve hanging out in a game.

Now some game developers have taken the idea of online play to the next level by creating the Genre known as an MMO or Massive Multiplayer online. That means Hundreds of thousands of people are playing in the same game at once. The developers of MMO’s have created entire worlds for people to wander and meet people instead of living their lives here with the rest of us. Things like this like this have successfully created a class of people who live in front of a computer. The first time I sat down to check out an MMO I was sucked in. Since first tried this type of game I have literally spent months of my life in this game and I still have yet to see everything. The MMO pulls me in through the never ending stories that are in this game and the challenge to level up and see the sights of the “world”.

The last thing that pulls me in is the chance to experience a compelling story by not just watching it, but playing through it. It takes the idea that movies bring us, to a whole new level. Not only are you watching those giant aliens getting shot: but you are pulling the trigger. You’re not watching that detective follow the trail of a killer; you are picking up the clues and looking at them.

So all because of a love struck plumber, a paper boy, a hedgehog, and a disfigured yellow head that eats dots I have spent a couple grand and wasted many months of my life due to addiction. I now have the ability to talk and write about videos for hours if given the chance; and that is the intellectual equivalent of going to college for four years to study the cultural significance of lamps.

After making all that a part of my life for 10 years, I expected it to be difficult to give it all up, but not this difficult. In the mean time I plan to play a game once or twice a week at someone else’s house until I am cut off and forced out of this 100%.

So in closing I must inform parents to limit the time they let their kids play video games and I encourage you to not allow a video game console in your house unless you kid has friends and is involved in a sport. If anyone hears of a job that pays to talk about games and game related topics please let me know. And don't ever forget, the noob combo should not be used by noobs.

I am now 1 month clean of owning a video game console, and 2 weeks clean of any form of game playing. The latter has an 83% chance of changing.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back to the Blogiouspher.

Hey everyone, I am glad you are joining me for the first post of what will become a weekly event. I have decided to write a book and a few other things and to put my name out there and practice my writing skills I have started this blog back up.

I plan to post something once a week. Each week I plan to have a picture to the related topic, if this is not possible I will instead post a picture of a Kitten or a puppy so that Google searchers will be unwillingly pulled to my blog. Things will get started next week, which will be the week of the 23rd of November. If you like what you read please tell everyone you know and tell them to tell everyone.

If anyone has any comments, questions, concerns, please feel free to send me something. Until next week friends; peace out!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Invisible Children: The Rescue

The organization called Invisible Children is calling people to conduct a rescue! In Uganda, Africa there are thousands of children that have been abducted from their homes and forced to fight for a rebel army that is being allowed to perform untold horrors to people.

On April 25th Invisible Children is calling people to abduct themselves to force people to pay attention to innocent children that have been abducted. Go to to see the full story and to see what you can do to help. If you don't want to do anything thats fine but I beg you to go their website and at least watch the video.

Here are some useful links:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pay or DIe!

Last year I had the opportunity to see what it was like to have appendicitis. I have never experienced something like an organ of my own body trying to assassinate me and I assure you it sucks. At the time I felt i should have it fixed, little did I know what would come of it. But anyways, nearing 5 months later a whole bunch of bills show up from the hospital that my insurance did not cover which i am now forced to pay or not pay and build up really bad credit. Since I am broke and have bigger bills I am now forced to ignore this one.

So I am forced to pay over a grand because I didn't feel it was time for me to die, thats great!
Because I am a person of little money this is a big problem.

From this point on if I am ever dieing from something i must say that I will never get surgery again for two reasons. Number one is i have no health insurance and my bill would be beyond me. And number too is because I will never allow a doctor to bill me because I don't feel like dieing, I don't like living in debt so I shall not.

Questions, Comments, concerns?